When the weather in the Deep South of the United States of America gets unbearably hot and humid, many senior citizens go north to the cooler, more comfortable nation of Canada. Theses senior tourists are looking for an escape from the hot temperatures and humid air, but many of them worry about the quality of health care in Canada. Many are familiar with the heath care services provided by American nurses, but many have little or no knowledge of Canadian nurses.  Rather than worrying about health care provided by Canadian nurses, seniors can do a little research about these nurses to put the senior tourists’ mind at ease.

First, these Canadian nurses receive similar training as American nurses. While they may have gone to college in Canada, many of the same nursing course are taught in Canada as in America. Canada’s nurses learn where to take blood, measure blood pressure, even check all of your vital signs just like American nurses.  Believe it or not, your organs do not magically move once you cross the American and Canadian borders. Nurses in Canada know where to find your heart, lungs, and liver in an emergency.

Secondly, Canadian nurse are also familiar with the American insurance system. With so many vacationing senior tourists, Canada’s nurses have a lot of experience at billing American health insurance companies. For example, if you have health insurance through an American health insurance provider, you can probably check online for Canadian doctor offices that will take you insurance. This just puts your mind at ease to know that your medical insurance will still be billed correctly even while you are visiting Canada. This is due to the excellent training Canada’s nurses receive. So, go ahead and take that trip to Canada because your can count on the expertise of the Canadian nurses.