School of nursing links help to educate current and future nursing students.

College of Nurses of Ontario – The College of Nurses of Ontario: this website offers comprehensive information about the organization, including employers, public information, students, relevant media, registration, information on nursing issues, and more.

Nursing Schools – Nursing Schools: This website offers information on nursing schools based on location. Simply select options from various drop down menus for more information.

Open Directory – Health: Nursing: Education: North America: Canada – DMOZ, the Open Directory Project: This website offers information based on various inquiries, to include rather comprehensive information on select Canadian institutions offering nursing degrees.

Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario – Registered Nurses Association of Ontario: this official website offers compendious information on the organization as well as resources for those interested in a career in nursing, to include professional development, education funding, career services, and more.

NPAO – Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario: This site offers a wide breadth of legal, regional, professional, and supportive information relevant to a career as a nurse practitioner.

Ontario Nurses Association – Ontario Nurses Association: Representing over 55,000 nurses, this organization offers a large degree of support for Canadian nurses. This website includes information pursuant to such goals.

Registered Nurse Practitioner Association of Ontario – Registered Nurse Practitioner Association of Ontario: Offering information on recent news, organizational development, and resources for careers, practice, and education, this website is another supportive tool that reflects the organization that created it.

The Academics for Higher Education & Development – The Academics for Higher Education & Development: this organization partners with highly accredited schools and advocates such schools in various ways, including this website.

Vocational Schools Database – Vocational Schools Database: this site is a functional tool for finding nursing schools within a given area and concentration.

Registered Nurse – Registered Nurse: this site offers thorough information on schools offering registered nursing programs by geographical area with information regarding specialties, resources, accreditation, and entry requirements.