For many people, the health care industry was the perfect choice. Whether living in the USA or Canada, people have chosen to become nurses to help the greater good of humanity. Canadian nurses face the same challenges as nurses anywhere in the world—low pay, too many working hours, and the potential for contracting a deadly illness. But these Canadian nurses still serve the people of Canada selflessly because they believe that they are helping the greater good. How do Canada’s nurses help keep Canada and its visitors healthy?

First, Canadian nurses work hard to learn about new technologies in their field. For many, this means learning new computer operating systems when the hospital or doctor’s office decides to purchase new computers or software. Do they get paid extra to learn all these new programs? Many times the answer is no. These Canadian nurses know that they have to learn the new programs to help the people of Canada. So, out of the goodness of their hearts, Canada’s nurses learn these programs without pay.

Secondly, Canada’s nurses serve the greater good by working long hard hours. During these hours, they have so many task to complete. Paper work always need to be filed. Many are spending hours upon hour going over medical billing records. They are the one keeping up with the doctor’s schedules. Then at any moment, these hard working nurses could be called upon to assist during a medical emergency or perform routine medical check-ups because the doctor is busy with other patients.

By understanding the grueling tasks Canada’s nurse undergo, we can better appreciate how they serve to make the nation of Canada a healthy and better place to live and work and visit.