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Canadian nurses have to secure much of the same training that American nurses might need.

In order to properly decide what school one should choose when considering a career in nursing is what that career will specifically be. There are many sectors in which a nurse can practice and know which sector one is most interested in can effectively narrow down the selection of schools one must choose from. Additionally, one should review various aspects of a school, including location, school size, and accreditation to ensure that one results in the necessary educational experience to prepare him or her for a successful career. Last, one should become familiar with the various organizations that offer financial assistance for those attending nursing colleges and universities. With the necessary research, one can procure an effective education without resulting in debilitative debt.

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There are many Canadian schools of nursing, but they all vary in accreditation, standards, entrance exams, and in other ways. It is best to study each individual school to ensure that it provides the right options and has a philosophy in nursing care that aligns with each student. Most schools provide prospective students with business cards, keeping a collection of these will ensure your organization when searching for the right fit. Those cards should allow you access to financial aid personal, websites, and academic advisers. One should also bear in mind the competitiveness of each school, given that nursing schools in Canada generally accept even less than they should due to a shortage in nursing faculty. As a result, there is a high percentage of nursing attrition in Canada and a low acceptance rate to institutions offering nursing education. To make matters worse, this situation has resulted in an overall nursing shortage that has threatened the healthcare industry in Canada.

Due to the nursing attrition problem, institutions that hire nurses are also expecting greater certification for their entrants due to changes in the field that may make nursing progressively more challenging. Nonetheless, nursing can prove lucrative and with the right approach, a decent education that leads to a stable career can result.